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B.Sc.(ECS) (Bachelor of Entire Computer Science)

B.Sc (ECS) Bachelor of Entire Computer Science is a three years undergraduate program designed to train future professionals, rather than mere 'degree holders'. This course caters to the needs of e-commerce in industry where the students would ultimately find employment and therefore has a completely different approach to learning.

Program Objectives

  • To impart holistic knowledge about Computer Programming,Networking, Database Management and Web application Development Skills.
  • To develop problem-solving skills to formalize general problem statements into precise algorithmic solutions.
  • To train students as Computer Programmer, System Analyst, Data Administrator, Demonstration Officer etc.

Teaching Learning Methodology

The learning methodology includes Lectures, Assignments, Industrial Visits, Certified Courses, EDP, Project work & Seminars, Practicals on Computer Programming languages, Networking, Database management, Web Technology, Mathematics, Statistics & Electronics etc.

Career Opportunities

  1. Higher Education: The obvious choice after B.Sc.(ECS) is opting for Post Graduation -M.Sc.(CS)/ M.C.A./M.B.A. Having a prior knowledge of different aspects of Computer Science. B.Sc.(ECS) graduates often find it easier to success M.Sc.(CS)/M.C.A./M.B.A. as compared to other graduates.
  2. Jobs: National / Multinational Companies and Government sectors as Software and Web Developer, System Engineer, Software Tester, Junior Programmer, System Administrator etc.
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