Shri Sangameshwar Education Society's
Sangameshwar College, Solapur, Maharashtra
Kannada Linguistic Minority Institute
NAAC Accredited with 'A' Grade (III Cycle CGPA 3.39)

B.Sc.(ECS)Bachelor of Entire Computer Science

Intake : 80 Seats | Medium : English | Duration : 3 Years Full Time

  • Course Objectives
  • To provide adequate basic knowledge and skill about Computer Science
  • To develop students as Computer Programmer, System Analyst, Data Administrator, Demonstration Officer.
  • To train students in Computer Programming & Applications

  • Why B.Sc.(ECS)?
  • Bachelor of Entire Computer Science is designed to train future professionals, rather than mere 'degree holders'. This course caters to the needs of e-commerce in industry where the students would ultimately find employment and therefore, has a completely different approach to learning.

  • Learning Model
  • The learning methodology includes Lectures, Assignments, Industrial Visits, Certified Courses, EDP, Project work & Seminars on Management, Practicals on Data Networking, Web Technology, Micro-processing etc.

  • Eligibility
  • H.S.C.(10+2) from Science stream only.

  • Career Opportunities
  • The obvious choice after B.Sc.(ECS) is opting for Post Graduation -M.Sc.(CS)/ M.C.A./M.B.A. Having a prior knowledge of different aspects of Computer Science. B.Sc.(ECS) graduates often find it easier to success M.Sc.(CS)/M.C.A./M.B.A. as compared to other graduates.
  • Software Programmer, Application Developer, Web Application Developer

  • Course Outline
  • First Year (F.Y.) Sem. I First Year (F.Y.) Sem. II
    Code Subject
    AECC English Paper - I Part - A
    Fundamentals of Programming using C and C++ - I
    Fundamentals of Programming using C and C++ - II
    Computer System Architecture - I
    Computer System Architecture - II
    Fundamental of Computer System - I
    Fundamental of Computer System - II
    Numerical Methods - I
    Numerical Methods - II
    Code Subject
    AECC English Paper - I Part - B
    Programming in JAVA - I
    Programming in JAVA - II
    Discrete Structure - I
    Discrete Structure - II
    Introduction to Web Designing - I
    Introduction to Web Designing - II
    Digital Electronics - I
    Digital Electronics - II
    C1 & C3 Pract. I
    C4 Pract. II
    C6 Pract. III
    C5 & GE1 Pract. IV
    C2 & GE2 Pract. V
  • Second Year (S.Y.) Sem. III Second Year (S.Y.) Sem. IV
    Code Subject
    301 Object Oriented Programming using C++
    302 Software Engineering
    303 Operating system
    304 Data Structure
    305 Embedded System - I
    306 Advanced Micro Processor
    Code Subject
    401 Object Oriented Programming using Java
    402 DBMS using Oracle
    403 Linux Operating System
    404 Computer Graphics
    405 Embedded System - II
    406 Peripherals & Interfacing Environmental Science
    407 Practical (Based on 301, 304 & 404)
    408 Practical (Based on 401, 402 & 403)
    409 Practical (Based on 305, 306, 405 & 406)
  • Third Year (T.Y.) Sem. V Third Year (T.Y.) Sem. VI
    Code Subject
    501 English
    502 Data Communication and Networking -I
    503 Theory of Computer Science
    504 Visual Programming - I
    505 Web Technology and E-Commerce - I
    Practical (Based on 504, 505)
    Code Subject
    601 English
    602 Data Communication and Networking - II
    603 Advanced Java
    604 Visual Programming - II
    605 Web Technology and E-Commerce - II
    Practical (Based on 603, 604, 605)
    Project Work