Shri Sangameshwar Education Society's
Sangameshwar College, Solapur, Maharashtra
Kannada Linguistic Minority Institute
NAAC Accredited with 'A' Grade (III Cycle CGPA 3.39)

B.C.A. Bachelor of Computer Applications

Intake : 60 Seats | Medium : English | Duration : 3 Years Full Time

  • Course Objectives
  • To create a sound academic base from which on advanced career in computer application can be developed
  • To train the students in Computer Skills & Management
  • To develop computer professionals versatile in use of computers mostly in business world

  • Why B.C.A.?
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications is designed to prepare students for a professional career in Computing and Information Technology. It gives an in-depth knowledge of software engineering. Information system and the practical skill to apply the knowledge. In this programme, students are exposed to various areas of Computer Applications including the latest developments keeping pace with the industry.

  • Learning Model
  • The learning methodology includes Lectures, Assignments, Industrial Visits, Certified Courses, EDP, Project work & Seminars on Management, Practicals on Application of Software Development.

  • Eligibility
  • 12th (Arts/Science/Commerce), MCVC

  • Career Opportunities
  • The obvious choice after B.C.A. is opting for Post Graduation - M.C.A./M.B.A. This program provides good working knowledge in Database, Programming Languages and Internet applications. After completing B.C.A. Course a candidate can join the industry as a Programmer. System Analyst, Database Administrator, Documentation Officer etc.

  • Course Outline
  • First Year (F.Y.) Sem. I First Year (F.Y.) Sem. II
    Code Subject
    AECC English (Communication Skill)
    Fundamentals of Computer
    Logic Development With 'C' Programming
    Basics of Web Programming - I
    Software Engineering - I
    Basics of Mathematics - I
    Statistical Methods - I
    Digital Electronics
    Development of Human Skills
    Code Subject
    AECC English (Communication Skill)
    Advanced Programming in C
    Introduction to Operating System
    Basics of Web Programming - II
    Office Automation
    Basics of Mathematics - II
    Statistical Methods - II
    Introduction to Microprocessor
    Software Engineering - II
    - Democracy, Elections and Good Governance
    DSC 1A & 1B Practical I & II
    DSC 2A & 2B Practical I & II
    DSC 3A & 3B Practical I & II
    DSC 4A & 4B Practical I & II
  • Second Year (S.Y.) Sem. III Second Year (S.Y.) Sem. IV
    Code Subject
    301 Data Structure using 'C'
    302 Networking & Data Communication
    303 DBMS with Oracle
    304 OOP with C++
    305 Operations Research
    306 Lab 3 Based on 301, 103, 104
    Code Subject
    401 Software Testing
    402 Python
    403 Operating System
    404 Advanced Web Technology
    405 E-Governance
    406 Lab 4 Based on 402, 404
  • Third Year (T.Y.) Sem. V Third Year (T.Y.) Sem. VI
    Code Subject
    501 Core Java
    502 Visual Programming
    503 Linux & Shell Programming
    504 Computer Graphics
    505 Data Warehouse and Data Mining
    506 Lab Based on 501, 502, 503
    Mini Project 501 / 502
    Code Subject
    601 Advanced Java
    602 Dot Net Technology
    603 Recent Trends in IT
    604 Cryptography and Network Security
    605 Lab 6 Based on 601, 602
    606 Major Project Work