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M.Sc.(CS) (Master of Computer Science)

Master of Computer Science is a two years postgraduate program designed to train future professionals, rather than mere 'degree holders'. This course caters to the needs of e-commerce in industry where the students would ultimately find employment and therefore, has a completely different approach to learning.

Program Objectives

  • To provide adequate strong knowledge and skill about core subject in Computer Science.
  • To develop students as System Analyst, Data Administrator.
  • To train students in Computer Programming & Applications.
  • To enhance students analytical design and implementation skills for efficient software solution.
  • To build successful professionals who are able to get employment or work as freelancer.
  • To make students aware about research areas and motivate for Ph.D Program.

Teaching Learning Methodology

The learning methodology includes Lectures, Assignments, Industrial Visits, Certified Courses, EDP, Project work, Practicals on Digital Image Processing, Mobile Computing, Soft Computing, Data Mining and Warehouse and Guest Lectures.

Career Opportunities

Database Administrator, Software Programmer, Application Developer, IT Consultant, Web Application Developer, In Teaching Field,Data Scientist, IT expert.

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