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The Spooky Tale

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        One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and one of the most heart-wrenching incidences ever took place. I was on a trip with my family to Kokan. It was a soothing day ever as I was on my vacation. On that day of trip, we went outing. We wandered the whole day exploring the countryside view. On my way back to the lodge where we were staying, we decide to visit a temple. It was on our way to the lodge, so we anyways decided to visit the temple.

        We reached the temple. It was at the roadside with no one around. Neither any human nor any animal. It perfectly described the phrase ‘pin drop silence’. The vibe it had was neither sad nor bad, but it was strange. Strange in a true sense! We went inside the temple. Suddenly the vibe changed. It was peaceful in there. Though there were no one around still we felt satisfactory vibes. My family and I prayed there for a while. My family wanted to stay there for some time, so I came out of the temple.

        Again, the strange vibe was around gazing me from somewhere unknowingly. I was not scared as there was our vehicle parked with the front lights on. The road was not lit with any the streetlights, and it made the place stranger than the vibe I was getting. The wind was blowing with constant speed.

        I started wandering all over the street. As I was walking, I heard a low sound of dry leaves crackling and the vibe got even stranger. I was scared this time and started stepping back to our vehicle. As I was on my way, I heard the crackling sound even more clearly than previous. As if it was heading towards me. I did not collect enough courage to look back and face the sound, so I continued walking.

        Suddenly, out of nowhere, I saw a shadow of someone coming and following me. I was about to turn back, there was a cold shivering hand on my shoulder. It was a terrific moment. I turned back and the view left me with number of thoughts in my mind and no words to describe. The shadow was of an elderly woman standing behind me with shivering body, ripped clothes, and diseased face. She was trying to say something to me, but I was not able to understand it.

        However, after some time I have to know that she wanted some water. I immediately went to the car and started searching for water and my family arrived. I was shaken up by the incident, so I explained it to mom and dad. We three headed towards that woman and decided to give her some water. When we reached there, we found her nowhere. However, I heard the same leaves crackling sound all over again. This time I knew it was her. We followed the sound. After some time, for our instant amaze, we did not only find her but also it left us in ambiguity and traffic of lot of questions in mind.

        It was a cremation ground where she went and she was with a little girl in there. They both were startled. We first offered them some water and food we brought along with us. After some time, we asked that elderly woman for their condition and the reason to live in the crematory with her 10-year-old daughter. She replied, “Because dead bodies don’t hurt but our own people do!’’. The shiver I got after hearing this is uncountable. She then started with her story. She lived in a village nearly with her family. Due to an accident took place some years ago, back she lost her husband. The people living her village stated to boycott her from the village because she was a widow. They believed that a widow should not live in the village as it brings bad luck or curse to the married people living in the surrounding. Helplessly, she lived in the crematory with the younger one. She was eating the food kept by the people for the dead cremating bodies as some sort of offerings.

        I was standing there with cold face. Numerous thoughts arrived in my mind. With every passing thought and question, there was a constant irrational concept called 'superstitions'. Also, the statement “Dead bodies don’t hurt but our own people do!” was alarming.

Why do people still believe in superstition? Aren’t people aware that beliefs are illogical?

Story by: Aarya Tilak (B.Sc. ECS II)

*Story published in the annual magazine of the College 'Pradnya 2022' and awarded with a 2nd prize in the English creative literature section.

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